Red Bull Thre3style

So, I have been a diehard fan of the Red Bull Thre3style competition since it has been introduced. I wsa always a fan of DMC battles, but felt they got away from what I enjoyed and become obscenely complex technical routines that lacked any soul/groove/swagger. Recently there has been a resurgance that I have been happy to see in the DMCs, but I am getting off topic. The Thre3style competition is DJs throwing down their best party rocking sets for 15 minutes. The only criteria is to have 3 genres of music (hence the 3style) and you are allowed two decks, a mixer, and one midi device. This rapid fire mix session that rewards creativity and originality is the exactly what I love about DJing, and is a constant source of inspiration. Some times, I have heard ideas I have done in these sets (some better, and some worse, than what I have done). It’s amazing how many times you hear similar concepts, and it just shows you that sometimes great minds can think alike. LOL

In any case, wanted to give props to the homie DJ B-Stee who took home the regional qualifier in KC and will be moving on to the US finals in AZ.

Peep a review of the event over at Demencha Magazine

So, if you want to peep the mixes (sadly, not available to download), you can now listen to many of the US regionals (they just added a bunch last night), they are avail to stream over at and they are all pretty incredible. I wish I could see video of some of these performances to see exactly how certain segments were performed, but the audio is pretty awesome and highly entertaining. With only 15 minutes per set, all competitors put in rapid fire work, and with creativity being highly regarded, you don’t end up with a bunch of sets with nothing but the latest club bangers (if I have to hear I.D.F.W.U. one more time tho…)

So go peep the good stuff and get familiar with some incredible talent. Next mix post is going to be a winner of the Red Bull Thre3style, and one of my faves doing the thing, Four Color Zack.

Jafunk & 9th Floor Funk Apartment – Up 2 U

So I struggle with genres, and never been a fan of naming them, as i just prefer to like what I like without forcing it into a category.  Call it what you like, be it Nu-Disco or some variety of House or some other yet to be named/marketed/sub genre.  I call this “good”.  I call this, the kind of stuff that I am going to put on some socks, and me and my kids are gonna groove all over the hardwood floors.  I may even put some extra wax on them just for extra sliding around effect.

DJ Craze & Teeko – Sucka DJs

So Craze is an absolute beast, and has been for years. I got to briefly meet him years ago, and in addition to being one of the best doing it, he’s also a awesome cat. Been a fan of his from the DMC days, to the DnB days, and have enjoyed watching him contimue to evolve and stay not just relevant, but carrying the torch for the #RealDJing movement. His “New Slave” routines just hit 1M views, so he handed out this freebie to the masses. Go catch it on his sound cloud.

And here is the “New Slaves” routine. Man, when this dropped it was a battle cry for #RealDJing. Craze has been steady dropping routines for a while and this dude is at the top of the list. Able to flex incredible skill and rock a dance floor, it is a balance that is hard to find in the current DJ market. Not only does he do that, but he continues to innovate, and utilize technology to further the craft. So peep the technique on this routine.

Want more? Do Androids Dance (sad to hear the it is shutting down) made an awesome post to get some of you familiar, for those unaware. Highly recommend peeping the history of this world champ (actually, 3x in a row DMC world champ, not been done before or since). Check it

Shrine On!


So in addition to posting music and DJ life on here, I will on occasion hit you up with some stuff that I just consider to be too damned awesome to ignore. This is one such occasion. So a good friend of mine started up her own company making pop culture icon prayer candles. What does that mean? Well, basically, take a traditional prayer candle and then do some photoshop work to mash it up with your favorite pop icon, and VIOLA! Genius!

In her first run, I was slack jawed at just how damned cool the variety was. My first purchase, and glowing tribute to my fandom, was the Prince – “I Would Die 4 U”!



Then, to my huge surprise, the owner/designer/awesome gal came walking in to my gig on Saturday (my birthday) to hand deliver one of the coolest things I’ve ever received. A custom “DJ Carbon” prayer candle. I ust stood there dumbfounded as I stared at this thing for a few minutes. Not only using the zombie logo, but the attention to detail/accessories. The record with my hulked up logo, Lil’ Smash resting on my arm, and Nikes! So a huge thank you. And to all of you reading this, not only is her selection constantly growing, but she also does awesome custom work at a insanely reasonable rate. So if you want custom, I would hit up the shop now before prices go up. The quality is awesome, and I have a feeling this thing is going to blow up sooner rather than later!

So go check out Shrine On and get yourself a candle, or make it a gift. I promise they will love it